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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers vol. III "The Avatar of Unicron"

When I was Associate Publisher at Devil's Due Publishing I proposed the following idea for a third GI JOE vs TRANSFORMERS series. It was rejected, but mt buddy Tim Seeley wrote the story that was used... It was at least as good as mine.

G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers vol. III
The Avatar of Unicron
Plotted by Marshall Dillon

Five years later-
Mindbender is in the Himalayan kingdom of Cobra La with the flesh golem that will become Serpentor. The golem is made up of DNA from all the ethnic groups of Earth, spliced together with DNA from the great leaders of Earth’s past. This DNA has been acquired by Pythona and her Cobra La cronies. Using what he learned from Optimus’ brain, Mindbender has fabricated a similar, albeit cruder version for Serpentor. This allows for intelligence and knowledge to be hardwired into Serpentor.

Serpentor is to be the avatar of Unicron, and will call Unicron to Earth to bring about a new age where his descendants rule. The denizens of Cobra La are those very descendants. They are the byproduct of Unicron’s travels through space over the eons. Some time in our past, he passed through our solar system (either at the formation of Earth, or during the destruction of the planetoid that became the asteroid belt, or later, actually during human history). While in our solar system, Unicron suffered a great injury, and a piece of himself was lost. This piece landed in the Himalayan Mountains. Over time, a small human community settled need the crashed remains, and became infected by nanites from the Unicron debris. These nanites changed their physiology, making them stronger than normal humans, and some significantly smarter by giving them the ability to leech Energon from their environment (biological, solar, wind), and to redirect that energy into other areas. The general citizenry of Cobra La direct their energies towards creating and maintaining their tropical Shangri La in the mountains, while their elite have become super powered defenders of their way, and crusaders for Unicron, their only god.

Since the Joes and Cobras returned to Earth (JTFvII), Cobra has been perpetually on the run from GI JOE. While the activities of Pythona and her Cobra La compatriots are of greater consequence, their attack patterns seem random and without direction. In fact it takes months/years for their individual attacks to be connected.

In the last five years, the Joes have become Earth’s mightiest heroes; they are at a celebrity level. New recruits have joined the Joes, including a whole crop of Ninjas lead by Snake Eyes, that train daily in highly responsive battle mechs that have yet to be tested in battle. Similarly, the Autobots have been back on Cybertron for five years without conflict, and they’ve begun reestablishing contact with the other robotic races in their galaxy. Old friends are reunited as the Autobots lay the foundation for a galactic union.

With the rise of Serpentor, Cobra La takes the fight to the streets, expecting that it’s only a matter of time before their God arrives; it’s their mission to prepare the Earth to receive him.

Faced with a real enemy, GI JOE pulls out the big guns (the mechs from series I & the Arashikage ninja mechs-smaller/faster—able to combat troops and vehicles). The fledgling Serpentor is mortally wounded in the battle, and is taken back the Cobra La’s Himalayan stronghold to die. The Crusade appears to be over. In a last ditch attempt, Pythona gives Serpentor a transfusion of her own blood. The blood of the people of Cobra La is in fact infused with the nanites that Unicron deposited all those years ago. The presence of these nanites in Serpentor’s body actually makes him the avatar he was meant to be. As the nanites race through his system, he is healed, and imparted with the historical knowledge of Cobra La. The nanites begin metabolizing Energon at an alarming rate, absorbing it from the atmosphere around him, nearly destroying Cobra La, and killing its inhabitants. This rapid absorbing of Energon culminates with a gigantic burst of energy that shoots off into space, a beacon for Unicron.

As Serpentor gains control of his new abilities, Cobra La returns to its tropical state, and the citizens cheer for Serpentor who rallies them, knowing Unicron comes. Serpentor, now able to direct Energon like the others, quickly uses that ability to generate/grow an organic metal armor, a living robotic exoskeleton, one that starts off like coiled muscles (snake like), and as it grows, becomes more plate like. Over then coming months Serpentor grows in size, dedicating all his Energon to the development of his new form. Soon he’ll be able to fight the GI JOE Mechs, and transformers alike.

In deep space, Unicron receives the beacon, and begins rapid travel to Earth. He has been unaware of Cobra La until now, but their history was communicated to him in the beacon, and he knows that Earth is a great source of Energon. Having loyal subjects there is a bonus.

The Autobots also detect the burst of energy from earth, although they do not receive it directly. They call Earth, and the Joes answer, not knowing the exact origin of the burst, yet, but fearing it is Cobra tinkering with leftover Cybertronian technology. Expecting this to be a reconnaissance mission, and being that everything is at peace on Cybertron, the mission is headed up by Optimus Prime himself, with Ultra Magnus, Bumble Bee, Hotrod and Wheel Jack, and a few others. They leave for Earth in a faster than light ship called ARC III (the journey takes about 1.5 weeks).

In the few short time it takes the Autobots to get to Earth, Serpentor has turned the entire planet into a war zone. Many of the warriors of Cobra La are now armored with an exo-robotic armor, similar to Serpentor’s. Cobra La is constantly attacking global defenses, weakening them to aid Unicron upon his arrival. The Joes are running all over the globe trying to stop them. The Arashikage Mechs being their elite strike unit, which is constantly ready for action, and dropped into the hot zones to clear the way for the more traditional Joes.

The Autobots arrive before Unicron and they begin to battle on the side of the Joes. Faced with unexpected resistance, and weapons that employ energy leeching nanites, The Autobots take a beating, and Optimus Prime is seriously wounded, as are most of the other Autobots. Only Ultra Magnus, the largest and strongest of the Autobots on Earth, is battle worthy. Seizing the opportunity, Serpentor is even more powerful (and larger) than before, and he uses the nanites that have infected Optimus Prime to leech Energy from Optimus, as he begins to beat Optimus senseless.

Unicron appears in the sky and the mood gets grim. Serpentor is made more powerful by the presence of his God, and uses this power boost to create snake-like cables that wrench open Optimus’ chest in an attempt to steel the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

At that moment we see the return of Decepticons long thought to be dead; Megatron, Soundwave, Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, and Laserbeak, and Ratbat, along with the Dreadnoks. The ‘Noks are sporting high tech weapons derived from the Cybertronian technology. While the Decepticons battle against GI JOE and Autobots, The Dreadnoks focus on Serpentor. Zartan uses an energy bow to shoot Serpentor, causing him to falter.
Optimus calls out for Ultra Magnus, who swats the Dreadnoks and Serpentor from Optimus’ body. Optimus is near death and asks Ultra Magnus to carry the Matrix, as the other Autobots swarm Megatron to keep him from getting his hands on the Matrix.

The grim scene spells the destruction of Earth, and the decimation of the Autobots.

As Optimus lay dying, the Autobots begin to loose their tenacity, giving Megatron the opportunity he needs. He begins shaking loose of the dog pile, sending Autobots flying. Hot Rod is thrown directly into Ultra Magnus, knocking him away from Optimus, just as the Matrix was to change hands. Optimus is dead, and it looks like Hot Rod will get the Matrix by default. Serpentor has recovered however, and he’s fixed on claiming the matrix in the name of Unicron. He knocks Hot Rod away and rips the matrix from Optimus’ dead hands.

At that moment Optimus’ spark leaves his body and goes into the Matrix. While this happens, Optimus has an out of body experience, lit in ghostly blue. He hears the voice of the Autobot God, Primus--the soul of Cybertron. In the sky we see astral versions of both Unicron and Primus. Optimus questions Primus on the way events are unfolding. He pleads to be returned to his body, but Primus declines. The time of Optimus is over. History must take its own course. There is a grander scheme, and Optimus can best serve the Universe by going on peacefully.

Simultaneously, Serpentor has a similar vision with Unicron, although Primus and Optimus are not a part of it. This is lit in blacks and reds. Unicron tells Serpentor to finish the battle and bring the Matrix to him. Unicron begins to lower a small elevator type appendage to Earth. Fearing the end, Megatron flees with the Dreadnoks in tow. They’re heading for any spacecraft they can find. Most likely a NASA ship, or a GI JOE prototype.

The battle is over. The bad guys have won. The Autobots, and Joes are rounded up and taken to Unicron (missing Hot Rod and Bumblebee). The Joes and Autobots are made to bow before Serpentor who sits on a thrown positioned in Unicron’s head. After they bow, Serpentor ceremoniously interfaces directly with Unicron through the Matrix. There is a surge of energy, and everyone trembles in fear, realizing that Unicron is unstoppable if he possesses the Matrix. Even Pythona realizes that the God she’s been worshipping her whole life is a crazed monster who’s only agenda is the destruction of the universe.

What they didn’t count on was that Primus would actually have a plan to save the day. Primus himself resides in the Matrix, and now that he and Unicron are interfaced, there is no way to stop Primus from attacking Unicron from within. Neither Serpentor nor Cobra La have any ability to stop the events as they unfold. We hear the dialog of Primus and Unicron as they battle against each other at the atomic level.

Unicron is torn apart by the struggle. The Autobots and Joes are separated from Serpentor and Cobra La (still in the head). The Matrix, seemingly under its own power, floats in the air and Primus talks to the Autobots. Just then the Arc III (piloted by Hot Rod and Bumble Bee) rescues the good guys, and the Matrix. The bad guys float away inside Unicron’s head.

Epilog I-
Back on Earth, Primus (the Matrix) makes a vow to the Joes that they will no longer be alone and unprotected. Just then Omega Supreme arrives with other Autobots to set up a permanent Autobots city on Earth. The remaining Autobots leave for Cybertron to return Primus to his body, to truly resurrect the Autobot God Primus.

The Decepticons and the Dreadnoks are heading to the unprotected Cybertron when they encounter the Quintesons and Junkions.

© 2010 Marshall Dillon. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fighters & Farmers

In late fall / early winter I created a paper & dice Role Playing Game. It's intended for new gamers who don't know much about the process and for old gamers who want a quick and easy adventure. Its a great gate-way drug.

You can download the PDF here: http://issuu.com/marshalldillon/docs/fandf_draft_04

Comments welcome.

© 2010 Marshall Dillon. All rights reserved.

Triasic Kid -- Fun/weird

Triasic Kid

2011 Sick kid in the hospital.

His grandmother brings in some comics from when his father was young (his father is dead).

He thinks they're dumb.
He doesn't like comics and these don't have the good charactgers anyway.

He's bored and reads them then drifts off to sleep.
He wakes up --thinks hes in a desert... wait, he's dressed as a cowboy! WTF?!

He stands up and realizes he's not in a desert he's on top of a mountain overlooking a jungle.

He hears a scream

 he looks up just in time to get scooped up by a pteradactyle.
His left arm is grasped in one of its talens. in the other is a HOT jungle girl. (Future Girl)

He realizes he has two six-guns and is ready to shook the pteradaktyle... then thinks better--They'll fall to their death. The girl has never seen a gun.

The boy is very smart and this will create an inner conflict throughout where his mind must save him from his advernture.

"FUTURE GIRL" was from early human civilization.
She was abducted by Aliens and sent through time because she was too advanced physically and mentally for human evolution at that stage (aliens are directing human evolution).
They gave her a universal translator implant so she would fit in to the future. Something went wrong...she was sent BACKWARD in time.

Turns out there is an alien that is sabataging the plan and forcing human evolution and then sending them back in time in hopes of creating total time chaos!

Anyway, she got her name because the aliens convinced her tribe she was too advanced and the name FUTURE GIRL stuck. She tells Triasic kidthe story and he calls her Future girl from now on...
She finds out that he is indeed from the future and so he must be really smart. He must know where/when they are in time. He says... Triasic period maybe?

They encounter dinos, other cave people that were sent back. 20th century people and even aliens and future men.

© 2011 Marshall Dillon. All rights reserved.

2 rejected shorts

Here are two ideas that were submitted for an anthology. They were rejected because they were a little off the theme...

Disgruntled Dwarves--
Husband and wife Dwarves go for marriage counciling. They're getting nowhere. He has intimacy issues and she feels stifled. The therapist, a busty human woman, suggests that role-playing would help them get to the root of their issues. HELL-NO! says the husband. He's not having any of it--he's done. He gets up to leave and accidentally breaks something. He's fuming in the waiting room, pacing back and forth. We hear noises coming from inside the office... oh, you ARE a big ogre. Ouch-ouch! Slap! Smack! YEAH YOU'LL GIVE ME YOUR TREASURE LITTLE DWARF WENCH!! etc... Noises we assume are sexual. The Husband gets it. They're SEXUAL ROLE PLAYING and they're doing it without him!! Now hes juiced-up!  He gets an idea and zoom he's out the door and back in 2 seconds flat... all we see is a blur. He busts in and we catch the women mid act...mid DICE ROLLING that is. They are playing D&D and both are staring up at him.. mouths agape... he's wearing a French maid outfit. ~~SHAME~~

Words & Pictures
Byblos a few thousand years ago...
Two nerdy teens are sitting outside an artist's school. Within there are sculptors and painters practicing with curvaceous nude models. The TWO nerds are scratching symbols into clay tablets talking about how cool it is to have a secret way to communicate with these phonetic symbols they made up. A few teen girls walk past to sit on the other side of the doorway. One has a beautiful face and a body that's just coming into full bloom. She is the object of desire for all boys their age. Unfortunately, shes dating one of the artists in training...and shes here waiting on her BF. She does smile at one of the kids however. The boy gets all sweaty and shy then goes back to speaking in hushed tones to his friend.

Just then the artist in training comes out. He's looking pretty tough and well built. He has an arm around a female model and is leaning on a male model. Clearly he's playing for both teams and not faithful to his GF. He bids farewell to the models and scoops up his young GF. Then turns to the nerds. <What are you to "Grecian-minos" (a euphemism for little homosexuals) doing?> One of the kids stammers and says they've invented a written phonetic language that you can preserve forever...<WE'LL BE KNOWN THROUGH THE CENTURIES!>. The artist says  <FUCK YOUR "WRITING" ARTISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS!> And he knocks the clay tablets from their hands, shattering it on the cobblestones. He walks away with the girls hanging on his arms. The hot one looking back at the nerds. The one that spoke is picking up the shards of pottery. the other says I'm going to write to her. I'm going to express all my love for her in words. Let's see HIM do that!

Depending on how much room we have we'll have a few scenes where the kid writes her letters and the boyfriend tries to intercept / destroy them and beats up the nerds. Finally his friend turns on him and enrolls in the artist school. In the end the remaining nerd and the hot girl sit alone writing each others love notes.

© 2011 Marshall Dillon. All rights reserved.

Approved and never used -- ORGAN DONOR

This is an idea I pitched to Boom for their Zombie Tales series a few years ago. Mark Waid Green-lit it, but the series was canceled before we got into production

I have an idea for a Zombie Tales I'd like to write.
It's based on the idea that an organ donor was infected just before death and cut up before turning...
His segmented parts of course carry the Zombie "disease" several of the transplants take place immediately and in that same hospital.

The doctor in charge watches his patients sicken and then turn... not comprehending the situation he sends two Orderlies to restrain one and they get bitten...While being treated for their wounds the rest of the transplant patients fully turn.

It culminates with all the Zombies (including the Orderlies) chasing the doctor through the hospital...to the morgue where he finds the original donor rising from the slab. Hes locked in a room with the donor and outside are the hord of zombies.

Throughout the story we have the monologue of the doctor. The monologue ends with the realization, not that he is doomed, or that Zombies are real (those both come earlier), but with the horrific realization that they sent the Kidneys on to St. Louis...

© 2010 Marshall Dillon. All rights reserved.

Monday, February 21, 2011

three zombie ideas

A small village has a dark secret. One of their own somehow became a zombie. They keep the person hidden away and feed them animals. They occasionally find parts of the person that have fallen off and make them into religious relics. It becomes a cult where they sacrifice one of their own to the cause, allowing them to be bitten and then destroying the old zombie. But one time there's a glitch... the new sacrifice gets sick, but survives, they've generated antibodies, but they're a carrier. They are murdered in the center of the village for being a devil. In the process all the villages that partook in the murder are “blessed” and become zombies because they encountered the blood. Unfortunately they are not contained, so they will spread.

Old people shuffle around like zombies and they smell like death, so Zombies usually don't “see” them. The people that used to care for the elderly become zombies and abandon them. The elderly venture out amongst the dead and gather up supplies. They also gather up books because all the computers are useless without power. One savy elderly man pulls hard drives and is building a server in hopes that someday there will be electricity again. In the end we see the thing they're really hording... we see children.
Each room or floor of their senior center has some essential items stored
Guns, Medicine, food, blankets and clothes.
They live on the ground floor because there isn't enough electricity to make the elevators run and also to mask the smell of the living children in the building and also allowing them to “look” like the place is already full of undead, fooling the real undead.

Zombie Apoc.
A brother and sister are some of the survivors. She's been bitten and the change is happening. She is still human enough to tell him how bad it is and that she's hungery. He takes her to a palce where there is a light coming down from the heavens and the clouds are parted  in a ring shape, making a “hole” in the sky. She thinks she will ascend to heaven. He doesn't know... maybe it's aliens. In the end she bites him and they go up together.

© 2011 Marshall Dillon. All rights reserved.

Random writing

One foot in front of the other. Just like you see in the movies. One foot in front of the other.
One step at a time.


One foot in front of the other. Through the wasteland of my own mind. Searching. Plodding on. The light hurts my eyes. I prefer the darkness. But the darkness is cold. Need a blanket. One foot in front of the other.


I am constantly thirsty. The need is overwhelming. As much for the simple fact that I'll die without it, as for the distraction it'll give me. The distraction from my condition. From my situation. Skin itches. Bleary eyed I stumble on. One foot in front of the other.


One step at a time.

He awoke from the day dream. It was like a movie. Like a lot of movies actually. There must be something in the human psyche about deserts. Something easy to understand. Or something terribly cliché. Who knows. He's sitting in class still. The teacher is rambling on about Andrew Jackson. Clearly the teacher has more interest in Andrew Jackson than He does.

The bell rings.

Like the weak men stumbling across the desert he has fallen and can't easily move. His feet flail a bit. His clothes cling to him, his personal effects are scattered and hard to organize. Others pass him by. Somehow they are more “together” than he is. More on course. They must have a map to find their way through this desert. They must have camels to carry their burdens.

He finally gets out of the seat, out of the classroom. No longer in a desert, he's lost in a sea. A see of teenagers. All so self important. Some laugh some make-out. Some fight. Some don't fight back. He's bumped and jostled through the hallways. Moving along with the current, no real direction in mind, but knowing he'll get where he's going eventually. Down one hall, then another. Down one hall and then out the doors.

The February cold and the cigarette smoke hit him at the same time. It's only 100 yards between the main building and the vocational building. But it's an icy smoke encrusted wasteland. Again he is bouncing along like flotsam. He's smarter than most of the people passing him on this journey. The vocational building is where they send kids who don't get “A's” on their report cards. It was intended to give “slow” people training for future manual labor jobs. He supposes that sort of thing is needed. But it also becomes a catch-all for those that are undesirable in the academic arena. Those that come to school smelling like pot and cigarettes that they didn't smoke. Those that look dirty and unkempt even after they've showered. Those that buy their clothes at army surplus shops, second hand stores, or get them as hand-me-downs from their absent fathers and grandfathers in an attempt to make a connection with something meaningful. Something missing.

The bell rings as he approaches the vocational building doors. Had he been walking slow? Had everyone passed him by? No, they were still with him, but they were rushing now. Afraid to be late to their vocational training. He walked on, keeping his own pace. After all, he was only going to art class. The teacher didn't care. She barely noticed him. He wasn't a prized student nor was he a problem student. He was just another water drop in the sea. Another sand grain in the desert.

© 2011 Marshall Dillon. All rights reserved.

DRACULA: Family Matters

DRACULA: Family Matters
Dracula survived. Mina died. Not as a Vampire.
Dracula embraces his lusts and spawns a son as a well as a slew of vampires.
This results in a lot of hunters rising up to balance it out.
After about a century Dracula realizes he's missed another incarnation of Elizabetha. She has lived a short life, not far from his homeland and was killed by vampires he's spawned. He then sets a meeting with Van Helsing's crew to fight the horde's. He can not however make the alliance known... He secretly works against the vampires for a time. But his son figures it out while stalking down a new incarnation of Elizabetha. The son kills her and exposes Vlad to be the rat that he is. Vlad has no choice now but to completely join the hunters. He gives them a lot of information in exchange for being locked away until Elizabetha returns again. They feed him animals. In the meantime the son of Dracula takes the reigns of the vampire dynasty. Both wait for Elizabetha's return. And when she does return she's a Van Helsing heir!

© 2011 Marshall Dillon. All rights reserved.

Outer Space Boy

Outer Space Boy

48-64 pages in 8 page chapters.

Chapter 1  “To the moon”

Thomas’s father leaves Thomas’s room. Looking back at his sick child. Thomas is asleep-several books on his nightstand. “Explaining Asthma to kids, (some other medical book—mobility or immune problems), and “To The  Moon” (cover features a kid in Pajamas walking on the moon). DAD: “I Love you Thom.”

Close up on Thomas’ nightlight—it’s a robot—lit from within. Warm colors, clearly plastic. Then the robot becomes more animated. He looks at Thomas. He looks at the book “To the Moon”, and then he unplugs himself from the wall—still lit up. He jumps to the bed and looks Thomas in the face. Robot: “Thomas wake up—Things to do. Places to go.”

Thomas opens his eyes and smiles. Thomas: “Hello Mike, where are we going tonight?”

Mike: “TO THE MOON kiddo. To the moon.”

Thomas sits up in bed. Mike is at the end of the bed-looking over the edge into a toy-chest. Thomas: “How are we gonna do that Mike?
Mike: “With a rocket-ship!”

Mike is pulling a rocket-ship from the toy-chest. It’s a fair bit bigger than he is, and if the lays of physics applied he’s never be able to do it. Mike: “Open the window—Green cheese waits for no man.”

Thomas opens the window, looking back at Mike who is dragging the rocket-ship onto the bed. Thomas: “Green Cheese?”
Mike: “Never mind, all in good time.”

With the window open, Thomas begins to shrink, and the rocket-ship begins to grow. Thomas: “You might fit in the rocket, but I’m too big.”
Mike: “Nonsense , my boy. Look—the ship is growing, and you’re shrinking.”

Thomas—now the same size as Mike. Thomas: “How’s this possible Mike?”
Mike: “Science my boy—Science.”

Inside the cockpit of the rocket-ship Mike is checking gauges and pulling levers. Thomas sits down doing the same—as if he knows what he’s doing. Mike: “THUNDER ROCKETS charged and ready.”
Thomas: “Course plotted. Better strap in.”

Mike sits back into a seat specially made for him. It looks like a giant outlet (to accommodate the prongs on Mike’s back). Thomas straps into a five point harness and puts on a space helmet (still in his pajamas). Mike: “You too kiddo”
Thomas: “Roger that.”

The Rocketship launches out through the win dow into the night sky towards the moon. The ship doesn’t use fire, but lightning.

The ship rockets through space towards the moon.
Thomas: “WOW the moon is a lot closer than I thought!”
Mike: “No, it’s a LOOOONG ways from you’re bedroom, but with the THINDER DRIVE it’s a short trip. Thunder drives are really fast.”

The moon is approaching REALLY fast. Mike’s expression becomes one of worry. Mike: “Maybe too fast.”

Mike and Thomas Scream as they realize they’re gonna crash land on the moon.
Thomas: AAAAAHHH!!!

The two sit on the rim of a small crater, looking a little glum. In the back ground is the rocket-ship. Thomas: Who’s Scott?”
Mike: “What?”
Thomas: “You said great Scott just before we crashed.”
Mike: “Oh, that. Great Scott isn’t a person—at least not anymore. Great Scott is a powerful SCIENTIFIC phrase. When used properly it can be very useful.”

Thomas: “Scientific phrase?
Mike: “Yeah. There are several, but I only know a few.
Thomas: “Like what?”
Mike: “Oh, like RAY GUN, GREAT CEASER’S GHOST, and some others.”

Mike stands up, puts a hand above his eyes (as if to shield them from the sun), and peers out into the distance. Mike: “Well, kiddo, what d’ya—wanna see what’s beyond that hill?”
Thomas: “Sure.”


Chapter 2  “Boys will be boys”

Chapter 3  “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”

Chapter 4  “The big city”

Chapter 5  “Friends forever”

Chapter 6  “New Sheriff in town”

Chapter 7  “Growing up”

Chaper 8  “Sacrifice” or “For the love of Mike”

© 2011 Marshall Dillon. All rights reserved.