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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fighters & Farmers

In late fall / early winter I created a paper & dice Role Playing Game. It's intended for new gamers who don't know much about the process and for old gamers who want a quick and easy adventure. Its a great gate-way drug.

You can download the PDF here: http://issuu.com/marshalldillon/docs/fandf_draft_04

Comments welcome.

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  1. This is very cool, Marshall. I've never played an RPG before but I recently designed my own board game and I know the process is a labor of love. Way to go!

    I always imagined I wasn't nerdy enough to play RPGs but after a recent episode of Community where they play D&D I may have changed my mind.

    I not a big fan of epic/long games. How long does this take to play?

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    Game length is not something defined by the game itself, but by the Game Master. Think of it like a book -- there are novels of 1000+ pages, there are novellas of less than 100 and short stories of only a few pages.

    For Farmers & Fighters I like to keep the games short -- in digestible chunks. Other games try to build larger more complex scenarios. But thats not the point of F&F. Download it and read it through. There are a few "story nodes" in the back that you can base your game on. If you know someone that has been a Game Master it would help to let them run the first game so you can see how its done. But its not necessary.

    Please share this with your friends.
    Marshall Dillon