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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Triasic Kid -- Fun/weird

Triasic Kid

2011 Sick kid in the hospital.

His grandmother brings in some comics from when his father was young (his father is dead).

He thinks they're dumb.
He doesn't like comics and these don't have the good charactgers anyway.

He's bored and reads them then drifts off to sleep.
He wakes up --thinks hes in a desert... wait, he's dressed as a cowboy! WTF?!

He stands up and realizes he's not in a desert he's on top of a mountain overlooking a jungle.

He hears a scream

 he looks up just in time to get scooped up by a pteradactyle.
His left arm is grasped in one of its talens. in the other is a HOT jungle girl. (Future Girl)

He realizes he has two six-guns and is ready to shook the pteradaktyle... then thinks better--They'll fall to their death. The girl has never seen a gun.

The boy is very smart and this will create an inner conflict throughout where his mind must save him from his advernture.

"FUTURE GIRL" was from early human civilization.
She was abducted by Aliens and sent through time because she was too advanced physically and mentally for human evolution at that stage (aliens are directing human evolution).
They gave her a universal translator implant so she would fit in to the future. Something went wrong...she was sent BACKWARD in time.

Turns out there is an alien that is sabataging the plan and forcing human evolution and then sending them back in time in hopes of creating total time chaos!

Anyway, she got her name because the aliens convinced her tribe she was too advanced and the name FUTURE GIRL stuck. She tells Triasic kidthe story and he calls her Future girl from now on...
She finds out that he is indeed from the future and so he must be really smart. He must know where/when they are in time. He says... Triasic period maybe?

They encounter dinos, other cave people that were sent back. 20th century people and even aliens and future men.

© 2011 Marshall Dillon. All rights reserved.

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