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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 rejected shorts

Here are two ideas that were submitted for an anthology. They were rejected because they were a little off the theme...

Disgruntled Dwarves--
Husband and wife Dwarves go for marriage counciling. They're getting nowhere. He has intimacy issues and she feels stifled. The therapist, a busty human woman, suggests that role-playing would help them get to the root of their issues. HELL-NO! says the husband. He's not having any of it--he's done. He gets up to leave and accidentally breaks something. He's fuming in the waiting room, pacing back and forth. We hear noises coming from inside the office... oh, you ARE a big ogre. Ouch-ouch! Slap! Smack! YEAH YOU'LL GIVE ME YOUR TREASURE LITTLE DWARF WENCH!! etc... Noises we assume are sexual. The Husband gets it. They're SEXUAL ROLE PLAYING and they're doing it without him!! Now hes juiced-up!  He gets an idea and zoom he's out the door and back in 2 seconds flat... all we see is a blur. He busts in and we catch the women mid act...mid DICE ROLLING that is. They are playing D&D and both are staring up at him.. mouths agape... he's wearing a French maid outfit. ~~SHAME~~

Words & Pictures
Byblos a few thousand years ago...
Two nerdy teens are sitting outside an artist's school. Within there are sculptors and painters practicing with curvaceous nude models. The TWO nerds are scratching symbols into clay tablets talking about how cool it is to have a secret way to communicate with these phonetic symbols they made up. A few teen girls walk past to sit on the other side of the doorway. One has a beautiful face and a body that's just coming into full bloom. She is the object of desire for all boys their age. Unfortunately, shes dating one of the artists in training...and shes here waiting on her BF. She does smile at one of the kids however. The boy gets all sweaty and shy then goes back to speaking in hushed tones to his friend.

Just then the artist in training comes out. He's looking pretty tough and well built. He has an arm around a female model and is leaning on a male model. Clearly he's playing for both teams and not faithful to his GF. He bids farewell to the models and scoops up his young GF. Then turns to the nerds. <What are you to "Grecian-minos" (a euphemism for little homosexuals) doing?> One of the kids stammers and says they've invented a written phonetic language that you can preserve forever...<WE'LL BE KNOWN THROUGH THE CENTURIES!>. The artist says  <FUCK YOUR "WRITING" ARTISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS!> And he knocks the clay tablets from their hands, shattering it on the cobblestones. He walks away with the girls hanging on his arms. The hot one looking back at the nerds. The one that spoke is picking up the shards of pottery. the other says I'm going to write to her. I'm going to express all my love for her in words. Let's see HIM do that!

Depending on how much room we have we'll have a few scenes where the kid writes her letters and the boyfriend tries to intercept / destroy them and beats up the nerds. Finally his friend turns on him and enrolls in the artist school. In the end the remaining nerd and the hot girl sit alone writing each others love notes.

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