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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Approved and never used -- ORGAN DONOR

This is an idea I pitched to Boom for their Zombie Tales series a few years ago. Mark Waid Green-lit it, but the series was canceled before we got into production

I have an idea for a Zombie Tales I'd like to write.
It's based on the idea that an organ donor was infected just before death and cut up before turning...
His segmented parts of course carry the Zombie "disease" several of the transplants take place immediately and in that same hospital.

The doctor in charge watches his patients sicken and then turn... not comprehending the situation he sends two Orderlies to restrain one and they get bitten...While being treated for their wounds the rest of the transplant patients fully turn.

It culminates with all the Zombies (including the Orderlies) chasing the doctor through the hospital...to the morgue where he finds the original donor rising from the slab. Hes locked in a room with the donor and outside are the hord of zombies.

Throughout the story we have the monologue of the doctor. The monologue ends with the realization, not that he is doomed, or that Zombies are real (those both come earlier), but with the horrific realization that they sent the Kidneys on to St. Louis...

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