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Monday, February 21, 2011

three zombie ideas

A small village has a dark secret. One of their own somehow became a zombie. They keep the person hidden away and feed them animals. They occasionally find parts of the person that have fallen off and make them into religious relics. It becomes a cult where they sacrifice one of their own to the cause, allowing them to be bitten and then destroying the old zombie. But one time there's a glitch... the new sacrifice gets sick, but survives, they've generated antibodies, but they're a carrier. They are murdered in the center of the village for being a devil. In the process all the villages that partook in the murder are “blessed” and become zombies because they encountered the blood. Unfortunately they are not contained, so they will spread.

Old people shuffle around like zombies and they smell like death, so Zombies usually don't “see” them. The people that used to care for the elderly become zombies and abandon them. The elderly venture out amongst the dead and gather up supplies. They also gather up books because all the computers are useless without power. One savy elderly man pulls hard drives and is building a server in hopes that someday there will be electricity again. In the end we see the thing they're really hording... we see children.
Each room or floor of their senior center has some essential items stored
Guns, Medicine, food, blankets and clothes.
They live on the ground floor because there isn't enough electricity to make the elevators run and also to mask the smell of the living children in the building and also allowing them to “look” like the place is already full of undead, fooling the real undead.

Zombie Apoc.
A brother and sister are some of the survivors. She's been bitten and the change is happening. She is still human enough to tell him how bad it is and that she's hungery. He takes her to a palce where there is a light coming down from the heavens and the clouds are parted  in a ring shape, making a “hole” in the sky. She thinks she will ascend to heaven. He doesn't know... maybe it's aliens. In the end she bites him and they go up together.

© 2011 Marshall Dillon. All rights reserved.

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  1. Props 2 Elliot Seranno 4 providing a RT link 2 your site! I liked all the zombie stories, which 4 me is saing something, as I'm not really a big zombie fan. The stand out 4 me was the 1st tale;It Takes A Village. It's got that...feel of a part of a film trilogy vibe.

    Phil_byDAY from twitter