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Monday, February 21, 2011

DRACULA: Family Matters

DRACULA: Family Matters
Dracula survived. Mina died. Not as a Vampire.
Dracula embraces his lusts and spawns a son as a well as a slew of vampires.
This results in a lot of hunters rising up to balance it out.
After about a century Dracula realizes he's missed another incarnation of Elizabetha. She has lived a short life, not far from his homeland and was killed by vampires he's spawned. He then sets a meeting with Van Helsing's crew to fight the horde's. He can not however make the alliance known... He secretly works against the vampires for a time. But his son figures it out while stalking down a new incarnation of Elizabetha. The son kills her and exposes Vlad to be the rat that he is. Vlad has no choice now but to completely join the hunters. He gives them a lot of information in exchange for being locked away until Elizabetha returns again. They feed him animals. In the meantime the son of Dracula takes the reigns of the vampire dynasty. Both wait for Elizabetha's return. And when she does return she's a Van Helsing heir!

© 2011 Marshall Dillon. All rights reserved.

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  1. Dracula: Family Matters is quite simply a delight 2 read. Vlad's dbl crossing 2 be reunited (sort of) w/his lost love, almost makes him a sympathetic character.

    And that ending........priceless!!!

    Phil_byDAY from twitter