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Monday, February 21, 2011

Outer Space Boy

Outer Space Boy

48-64 pages in 8 page chapters.

Chapter 1  “To the moon”

Thomas’s father leaves Thomas’s room. Looking back at his sick child. Thomas is asleep-several books on his nightstand. “Explaining Asthma to kids, (some other medical book—mobility or immune problems), and “To The  Moon” (cover features a kid in Pajamas walking on the moon). DAD: “I Love you Thom.”

Close up on Thomas’ nightlight—it’s a robot—lit from within. Warm colors, clearly plastic. Then the robot becomes more animated. He looks at Thomas. He looks at the book “To the Moon”, and then he unplugs himself from the wall—still lit up. He jumps to the bed and looks Thomas in the face. Robot: “Thomas wake up—Things to do. Places to go.”

Thomas opens his eyes and smiles. Thomas: “Hello Mike, where are we going tonight?”

Mike: “TO THE MOON kiddo. To the moon.”

Thomas sits up in bed. Mike is at the end of the bed-looking over the edge into a toy-chest. Thomas: “How are we gonna do that Mike?
Mike: “With a rocket-ship!”

Mike is pulling a rocket-ship from the toy-chest. It’s a fair bit bigger than he is, and if the lays of physics applied he’s never be able to do it. Mike: “Open the window—Green cheese waits for no man.”

Thomas opens the window, looking back at Mike who is dragging the rocket-ship onto the bed. Thomas: “Green Cheese?”
Mike: “Never mind, all in good time.”

With the window open, Thomas begins to shrink, and the rocket-ship begins to grow. Thomas: “You might fit in the rocket, but I’m too big.”
Mike: “Nonsense , my boy. Look—the ship is growing, and you’re shrinking.”

Thomas—now the same size as Mike. Thomas: “How’s this possible Mike?”
Mike: “Science my boy—Science.”

Inside the cockpit of the rocket-ship Mike is checking gauges and pulling levers. Thomas sits down doing the same—as if he knows what he’s doing. Mike: “THUNDER ROCKETS charged and ready.”
Thomas: “Course plotted. Better strap in.”

Mike sits back into a seat specially made for him. It looks like a giant outlet (to accommodate the prongs on Mike’s back). Thomas straps into a five point harness and puts on a space helmet (still in his pajamas). Mike: “You too kiddo”
Thomas: “Roger that.”

The Rocketship launches out through the win dow into the night sky towards the moon. The ship doesn’t use fire, but lightning.

The ship rockets through space towards the moon.
Thomas: “WOW the moon is a lot closer than I thought!”
Mike: “No, it’s a LOOOONG ways from you’re bedroom, but with the THINDER DRIVE it’s a short trip. Thunder drives are really fast.”

The moon is approaching REALLY fast. Mike’s expression becomes one of worry. Mike: “Maybe too fast.”

Mike and Thomas Scream as they realize they’re gonna crash land on the moon.
Thomas: AAAAAHHH!!!

The two sit on the rim of a small crater, looking a little glum. In the back ground is the rocket-ship. Thomas: Who’s Scott?”
Mike: “What?”
Thomas: “You said great Scott just before we crashed.”
Mike: “Oh, that. Great Scott isn’t a person—at least not anymore. Great Scott is a powerful SCIENTIFIC phrase. When used properly it can be very useful.”

Thomas: “Scientific phrase?
Mike: “Yeah. There are several, but I only know a few.
Thomas: “Like what?”
Mike: “Oh, like RAY GUN, GREAT CEASER’S GHOST, and some others.”

Mike stands up, puts a hand above his eyes (as if to shield them from the sun), and peers out into the distance. Mike: “Well, kiddo, what d’ya—wanna see what’s beyond that hill?”
Thomas: “Sure.”


Chapter 2  “Boys will be boys”

Chapter 3  “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”

Chapter 4  “The big city”

Chapter 5  “Friends forever”

Chapter 6  “New Sheriff in town”

Chapter 7  “Growing up”

Chaper 8  “Sacrifice” or “For the love of Mike”

© 2011 Marshall Dillon. All rights reserved.

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